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Our Vision

We, at AmbePhysio Hospital Strive to achieve our vision of ‘adding years of healthy life’ to the people of India.

Our Mission

To improve health and reduce illness through patient centered quality healthcare that is accessible comprehensive, appropriate and cost effective in an environment of continuous learning.

Welcome To Ambe Physio Hospital !!!

An idea can be more easily lost than implemented. When it is shared, it has a multiplier effect. The benefits are enhanced, the achievements doubled and society witness progress. Ambe Physio Hospital is an eloquent testimony to the vision, motivation and labour of Dr. Sandeep Bharadwaj who served the country with a mission to provide quality physiotherapy treatment & facilities. He has vast experience in the field of Physiotherapy. His zeal, dedication and infinite energy inspired others to trigger off a great healthcare revolution, impacting the lives of several thousands. Today Ambe Physio Hospital provides path-breaking physiotherapy facilities, ably supported by high-end technology. The Group’s experience lends our consultants an impeccable expertise in healthcare delivery.

Ambe Physio Hospital has been serving Physiotherapy & Occupational therapy in Jaipur since 2010. At present we are operational at 3 various location of Jaipur, Ambe Physio Hospital is running at Mahesh Nagar, Mansarovar and Narayan Vihar. We have dedicated team of doctors engaged in Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Child care Rehabilitation. Yoga and Weight management.

Dr. Sandeep Bharadwaj[P.T.]
B.P.T.[RUHS] M.P.T.[Neuro] MIAP
8 Years Experience
Pain Paralysis and Spine Specialist
Director Of Ambe physio hospital

Dr. Sangeeta Trivedi[P.T.]
7 Years Experience
Sports Injury& Pilate Expert
Specailist in Arthritis, child Care and Weight Management

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