Child Rehab Care

Child Rehab Care

We have created a homely environment at our centres dedicated to children, where we create a value system in a child, by providing specialized training/therapy from a respective therapist.

The Cyriax therapy is a type of manual therapeutic medicine performed by experienced Physiotherapists in our Rehab Center. It is intended for removing the locomotor system problems like joints, articular capsule, ligaments, muscles, sinews, insertions).

We can use the transversal friction by means of which the occurrence of transversal connections, traction (stretching) is prevented, manipulation (the technique is gentle, not causing any pain) and mobilisation for increasing the mobility, which can also be completed with other physiotherapeutic techniques.

The cause of the problems can be ascertained based on the very efficient testing system (according to the Cyriax method) and the Doctor’s opinion and then the appropriate therapy can be carried out.


  • Acute and chronic pain in the back and neck
  • Muscles spasm
  • Ankle sprain
  • Lateral / Medial epicondylitis (Tennis elbow/ Golfers elbow )
  • Knee injury (anterior/posterior cruciate ligaments, meniscus and collateral ligaments)
  • Joint arthrosis
  • Shoulder injuries - rotator cuff, supraspinatus tendinitis etc.
  • Post-surgery conditions after limb or spine fracture.