Welcome To The Ambe Physio Hospital !!!

Ambe Physio Hospital has been providing Physiotherapy in Mahesh Nagar Jaipur since 2010. At present we are operational at 3 various location of Jaipur, Ambe Physio Hospital is running at Mahesh Nagar, Mansarovar and Narayan Vihar. We have dedicated team of doctors engaged in Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Child care Rehabilitation. Yoga and Weight management.
It is still our mission to continue to offer Mass an excellent Physical Therapy where we are able to provide Physiotherapy Rehab and Sports Injury treatment using techniques like PNF, MET, Ceriax, Maitland & Mulligan Mobilization and much more. Enjoy exploring our site to find out what else we offer or simply call us.
The hospital is focused on providing quality and affordable care in Jaipur’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. We, at Ambe Physio Hospital, continue to strive for clinical excellence, personalised care and medical services that are responsive to the needs of the society.

Qualified Doctors

25 years of experience

Modern Equipment

Branded and time tested

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Individual Approach

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Our Staff :

Our team of Physiotherapists believes in creating patient friendly environment for treatment. They are highly skilled, very experienced Clinicians specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of broad spectrum Injuries like Muscular & Neurological disorders, Paralysis, Arthritis, Spinal Conditions, Developmental Delay, Weight Management, Sports injury/ Fitness and other joint problems. They are dedicated to continued Practice and have gained many additional Manual Techniques, knowledge and skills. They have a wealth of experience and are experts in their field.
Our Physiotherapists aim to be holistic in their approach to your problem looking at you, the whole person, how you affect your problem and how you can help your recovery.

Infrastructure :

We always believe in creating patient friendly environment. Our premises are blue theme based which is soothing to eyes. Our infrastructure facilities are totally coherent with our quality treatment and promises. A cool reception area welcomes the visitor then there is this well carpeted area for group exercise activity.
We have many sections for treatment of each patient individually & independently and patients privacy is well taken care of. The hospital is divided into many units like Electrotherapy & Exercise Therapy Unit, Decompression Unit.There are separate cabins for doctors to add to the sophistication & ease at the same time, to the procedural & systematic functioning for the sole aim of convenience to the patient.

Life At Ambe :

At Ambe Physio Hospital, we don’t just work, we also learn as we do it and without a doubt have fun doing it! As a result of this, working at Ambe Physio Hospital is an experience one looks forward to rather than just a job one reports to every morning. This engaging and inclusive culture has bonded well for us over the years and will continue to do so. We will always work as a close knit team that thrives on healthy teamwork and the satisfaction of being there for one another.
That’s why, when a physiotherapist joins us, it is like our family has a new addition. We have always believed in the power of the human potential and consider our staff members our greatest assets. It is often said that , “An organization is only as good as the people it keeps” and we believe every word of this. A large part of our success is credited to motivated physiotherapists & other members of our team who get together in our hospital premises to effectively treat the patients and keep our promises.